Mother's Day - Thank you Mum

Thank you Mun, Love you xOxO

Open Mic

Every 2nd Thursday night from 7pm

next Thursday 9th May 

Join host’s Ash and Izak and many of the local talent, they just keep getting better and better!

Thank you

What a year it has been at Herd Bar!

On behalf of John and the team at Herd Bar, I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout 2018. Loyal regulars, customers, suppliers, those behind the scene, Sonsie Studios, friends and family and of course to “The Boys” and the night owls that lift our spirits.

In particular, I’d like to acknowledge the support of our incredible team. You guys assist in the constant changes around our beloved Herd Bar with such ease. To Trevor, your passion, calming nature, love of food and creativity in what you bring to the table while taking care of the entire engine room is inspiring. We are also so grateful for Austin, Mads, Tom, Barney and Melody for your support and loyalty towards Trevor, John, myself and the venue.

Herd Bar has also been named #1 in the region on Trip Advisor, an amazing achievement for Trevor and his team!

To the front of house crew, past and present, you crazy cats who live life to the fullest and often on the edge. Your unique energy left a stamp on Herd Bar and, although testing for us at times, your spirit and contribution never goes unnoticed, thank you.

One thing we have learned from those that have tested us during the year, is that some lessons you need to learn, to strengthen spirit, we thank you for that too. To my niece Arianna, we thank you for taking us on this journey, your beautiful energy and hard work makes us look forward to welcoming you back soon.

A special thank you to the most amazing man that gives, does and offers so much, to Herd Bar and to many of us daily…Herd Bar would not be what it is today without you Johnny. Your energy, calmness, love and passion for what you do is infectious. Thanks for everything matey, you are the best.

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas, and wish you all the best for 2019.

Love & thoughts,